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Tesla Spoiler Fitting

For all of our Tesla spoilers we strongly recommend you use a professional bodyshop for installation.

However, if you are DIY confident, then here is the best method to install your shiny (or matte) new carbon fibre rear spoiler!

The tape on the back of these spoilers is the stickiest most adhesive substance known to humankind. Once it touches the car you will struggle to lift it again. Therefore it is imperative you get it right first time. No pressure…. Again, if you are not confident, have a bodyshop do this for you.

Step 1

Clean the car, making sure the rear boot lid is free of any contaminants / marks. Once perfectly clean use the provided alcohol wipe to ensure the surface is primed and ready for fitment. Let that dry off ready for step two.

Step 2

Peel back a very small (1cm max) bit of the adhesive tape from each end of the spoiler

Step 3

Make sure it sits perfectly in the middle of the boot lid. Admire your work so far.

Step 4

Slowly and carefully peel the rest of the tape out from underneath the spoiler, being careful not to let the spoiler fall off.

Final Step

Push down on the spoiler and hold in position for 30 seconds. Run along the length of the spoiler ensuring evenly and securely fastened

That’s it!